Comments from our customers

Date: 2010-11-11
Dinmore BoxersI have bred, shown and worked with  Boxers since the 60s. Complete foods have come a long way since the early days. At one time I would never have considered using a complete feed to rear puppies, and I have trialled a quite a few. Trusty Premier Puppy food is now the only one I would consider using for my pups, and I can’t fault it.  I have reared 5 litters using it and have never been disappointed with the results. They are started on it at three weeks in small quantities, it’s very acceptable to the puppies, very digestible and I am impressed with the fact that I get lively, contented, chunky, pups rather than  balls of blubber. Boxer puppies take a lot of rearing, and the breed does not respond well to substandard ingredients, or feeds loaded with soya and cereal proteins. I have also found the junior feed to be a great follow-on from the puppy food.  I feed in-whelp and lactating bitches on the gluten-free chicken and rice, also with very good results. They maintain their body weight well on it, with no “squits” when they are fed extra to allow for the stress of lactation, which so often happens with other foods. Coats stay shiny and the bitches are healthy, alert and playful.  

All in all, I can’t speak highly enough of Trusty, or of Rachel and the help and advice she’s given me.

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Date: 2009-09-23

Phil and Tracy, Huddersfield

Our Border Collie "Solo" is still going strong at 15 thanks to Eurotec's Senior Lite. Several years ago, Solo started to have some upset stomach problems resulting in either accidents or just bad flatulence! Her ever-glossy coat also began to look dull which was cause for concern too. She was being fed on the usual tinned food quality brands with a mixer. We spoke to David and Rachel at Eurotec and they suggested that it would be beneficial to try their Senior Lite product. I'm happy to say ever since we started using the new feed, Solo has had a wonderfully glossy coat and her old stomach problems have never returned. Our vets are always underestimating her age. She's getting increasingly deaf and short-sighted, but still manages to run around and play ball or frisbee.
Anyway, thanks and best wishes...... ....

Date: 2009-03-26


I just thought that I'd add some weight to our sales patter, that my dogs are fed on Trusty Dog Food and that they both relish their dinners!!

These are my two terrors that have been fed on Eurotec for 9 years and 6 years, and I'm sure you'll agree they look very happy and healthy! .... ....

Date: 2008-12-12

Jane Kellett, Cheshire

We have 2 working spaniels and a Doberman.  Having had no problems in the past with the spaniel’s diet I was distraught that I was struggling to find a diet which suited my sensitive Doberman – everything seemed to upset her stomach!  Trusty was recommended to me and after a long and helpful chat with Rachel at Eurotec Nutrition I was very pleased to finally find something that agreed with her.  Ordering and delivery of the Trusty Premier is really quick and easy and more importantly I have a very happy, healthy Doberman with a beautiful shiny coat!  

Date: 2008-04-01

Rogansrock Border Collies

With nearly 20 years experience of breeding and showing border collies, we at Rogansrock know the importance of good food, so now all our show collies and whippets are fed on Trusty dog food, keeping our dogs in tip top condition.

With excellent customer service and the option of next day delivery, this makes Trusty an instant hit..... ....